Venture Bridge Florida Serves Four Types of Companies:

1. Companies who are seeking to set up a US office to sell an existing product or service in the US or Latin America (ideally four to twelve week program)
2. Companies who are seeking a sales or distribution partner to sell an existing product or service in the US or Latin America but may not have an office or any direct employees in the US (ideally four to sixteen week program)
3. Companies who are exploring a US or Latin American market entry with an existing product or service (ideally six to sixteen week program)
4. Companies developing a new product or service for the US or Latin America markets (ideally twelve to twenty-four week program)




From Small Businesses seeking to export for the first time to multinationals seeking to develop a new product or service for the US Market, we have supported a wide variety of entrepreneurs and innovators expanding their reach. Below you will find an outline of our Basic program, a 12 week intensive virtual or hybrid program to prepare you and your team for US Market Entry. Our team has created customized programs for companies including Microsoft and the US State Department to help companies between $500K and $50M in yearly revenue scale to the next level. Programs can range from two weeks intensive (virtual, live, and hybrid) to a full year as your team prepares, sets up a Florida office, and continues to develop partnerships and customer relationships throughout the State and the US.


Application Requirements 

In order for businesses to be eligible for the Soft Landing Program it needs to meet the following requirements. Do you qualify?

  • Valid company with at least two years of proven track record.

  • Intention to expand into Florida.

  • A clear understanding of their product.

  • Interview Process.

What It Takes

For Small-to-medium sized enterprises ($100,000 to $20,000,000 in revenue): If you are considering entering the US Market with your product or service, creating a US-based headquarters or hub of operations, the US Market Soft Landing program will require participation of your leadership team for anywhere between 4 weeks to six months, depending on tour goals. Some companies are just looking for a business development or sales matchmaking while others are creating a new product for the market. We can assist your team in building your US team, creating or reviewing your marketing materials, testing or validating your market fit, finding strategic partners, investors and or customers, etc. Additionally, our team has supported companies from more than 60 countries in pitching for investors or sales, connecting them to service providers, location support, and a variety of other supporters to have a successful US launch. We also support your opportunity assessment to make sure the timing and positioning of your offering will work the first time. Don’t waste your funds checking out an ecosystem- test and validate if you can find customers and have a product market fit before you open an office or hire a local team.


Soft Landing Training may include a structured 4-12 week preparatory program that will create solid foundations for your expansion. Some companies also benefit from training in leading virtual teams or cultural training for sales and marketing. Expect to commit 10-20 hours per week for the project leads for the virtual component of the Soft Landing Program. We do not take equity, so you can retain complete control as you grow your business and margins. 

What We Offer

  • Customized coaching, training, and support for companies with revenues of $5M+ who are already operating in at least three countries

  • Proven curriculum of four to twelve weeks to prepare founders and teams for arrival, offered completely virtually or part virtually, part live

  • Weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions that provides accountable, goal-setting, and suggestions from someone who has been there. This is where the magic happens.

  • Workshops from subject matter experts in internationalization, growth, and scalability. Entrepreneurs who have been where you are and have done what you are about to embark on.

  • Free initial consultations with vetted lawyers, accountants, and other specialists who will allow your business the solid foundations to launch in Florida.

  • Plug into our extensive network of talented entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors

  • Refining your business model to fit the Florida/US/Latin American context

  • Access to a network of coworking and incubator locations who can host your team or give you a base as you seek office space 

  • Getting your pitch deck to sing


We work with your team to determine the strategy, goals and time required to prepare for your US launch. Our Soft Landing Program will allow for virtual training to be delivered directly to your computer anywhere in the world. The program offers weekly mentoring sessions where we’ll use the first meeting to map out your OKRs (objectives and key results) for the next few months. These cover goals and metrics your team will use to measure your progress. An online curriculum will be made available to each participating venture and the focus of all content delivered is to prepare the team for arrival in the United States and quickly executing your strategy to build your brand and business. Here is an example of what topics have covered in the past with companies participating in our Soft Landing program:


  • Orientation to the US Market

  • Finance

  • Product and Pricing

  • Sales and Strategic Partnerships

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Digital Marketing

  • Legal & Intellectual Property

  •  Culture & Human Resources

  • Marketing

  • Executive Development

  • Public Relations

  • Funding Strategy

Participation includes:

  • Pitch practice Sessions 

  • Mentor Sessions

  • Office hours with attorneys and accountants

  • There will be various speakers and presentations during the program


Throughout the program, you will be matched with potential partners and customers once your strategy has been finalized and your marketing materials are ready. Land in the US with revenue!


Once you have arrived to Florida, our support continues to ensure you have access to key community stakeholders and leaders regardless of what city in which you choose to reside/work. Continued support will be deployed through our online platform and will continue with bi-weekly mentor sessions, pitch practice, and curated introductions to potential organizations/ventures of interest to your business growth. 

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