Carlos Esnal, LugLoc

What sets this program apart from other programs is they care about the companies they are helping. For them, it's not about equity or publicity but more about helping with the core problems that companies have.


Gustavo Souss, Einsof Biohealth

You helped me increase what I know and increased my awareness of the things I don't know. There are things I learned that I won't get from the Harvard Business Review, Corporate Experience, Curricula at Harvard or anywhere else.


Alfredo Vaamonde, PRX Control Solutions

Your Program helped us get to a stage in three months that would have taken six months to a year otherwise.


Emil Haijric, HelpJuice

It's less about the company and more about the people that run the company, as a result of this program we have grown a lot more than any other period.


Juliano Avila, Asombro Extremo

This is like a time travel machine, we learned more in three months than  what we learned in the last 4-5 years.


Lucas Funes, Webee

Thanks to the content, mentorship and networking your program provides, we were able to grow and scale to 50 countries and we are now leaders in the IoT and Smart Home space worldwide.


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